The Most Up-to-Date Video Marketing Trends That Every Marketer Should Be Aware Of

During a typical 24 hours on Earth, the average consumer would find it difficult to avoid watching some form of video content. The rise of social media has created a platform where a billion-plus audience can be reached easily, and video distribution is more or less free.

Video Marketing Techniques

To put it plainly, one of the most important trends to note is that businesses are developing true video strategies, with video playing a key role in overall marketing plans. Furthermore, video marketing strategies, as well as general marketing strategies, are more closely linked to social media strategies than ever before. As previously stated, social media provides an opportunity to leverage large audiences and monetize attention, provided that attention is captured by video content.

When we consider that 73% of B2B marketers believe video has a good influence on marketing ROI, it’s not surprising that companies and organizations are starting to generate more and more video content. This is due to the fact that video is, by its very nature, more engaging than other mediums such as text and images. In fact, social video produces 12 times the amount of shares as text and photos combined. With the rise of video comes increased competition for viewers’ attention, which has resulted in some highly creative uses of the medium in an attempt to increase engagement. Increased business exposure and traffic are arguably the top two benefits of social media video marketing.

Developing Technology

With the rise of video comes increased competition for viewers’ attention, which has resulted in some very creative uses of the medium in an attempt to improve engagement. In addition, new technology is being investigated as a method to improve the efficacy of video marketing.

Virtual reality, augmented reality, and 360-degree video aren’t just gimmicking anymore; they can be extremely effective marketing tools. However, rather than being utilized as a novelty, they must be used appropriately to improve content. Because AR and VR are such huge ideas, they’ve spawned a new category: immersive video. This appears to be on the verge of becoming quite popular, especially as more material is created and the competition for watching time became more intense. What I mean is that, no matter how much stuff a viewer wants to consume, the ordinary person only has so many hours in a day. VR and 360-degree content, on the other hand, can command a viewer’s attention and prevent endless scrolling.

Furthermore, as this technology advances, we may expect increasingly better video material to be created.


If marketers want to ensure that video stays a strong marketing tool and that its efficacy continues to rise, they must understand that a successful video must tell a good narrative in order to be remembered and to appeal to people’s emotions. In a nutshell, it all boils down to individualized narrative, without which video material is nothing more than background noise and a way to pass the time. When developing ever-important video strategies, marketers must consider how to attract but also hold a viewer’s attention, since social networks now prioritize meaningful involvement over passive consumption.




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