Make Yourself at Home Taking Your Business Live to Market It

Most entrepreneurs can connect with their audience on a personal level, but if you’re a coach, consultant, or expert wanting to monetize your knowledge, it’s a requirement.

Live Streaming in Business

Most individuals nowadays spend a lot of their free time on social media and YouTube, and the rule of marketing is to be visible where the majority of your potential consumers are. Having a passive presence on those platforms, on the other hand, does not provide the desired effects. This connection is elevated to a new level through live streaming.

We develop trust in another person by studying them and depending heavily on our gut feelings when assessing the possible level of danger or trust. There is either an almost immediate appeal or a total absence of interest. The first aids in the growth of our audience, while the latter repels those who are uninterested. This means that in a world of seven billion people, we can establish a vast audience of individuals who are truly drawn to us.

Presence: For people to know, like, and trust you

It appears to be so straightforward and straightforward, but far too many outstanding specialists refuse to take advantage of the chance to interact with as many clients as they possibly can. Let’s take a look at the logic and intellect that underpins such opposition. And, ideally, it will motivate you to overcome your fears and reservations about going live.

Comfortably Speaking

This is a typical concern, but you may not realize that written language and conversational language are two whole distinct types of communication. Listeners would be too overwhelmed to grasp the message we’re attempting to communicate if we talked the way we write. When we communicate, we employ significantly simpler vocabulary and structures, which is great news.

We become much clearer to listeners by simplifying and “de-jargonizing” our language, and therefore get to develop far deeper, confusion-free interactions. They are able to assess and experience us in the same way that they would in real life, using nonverbal indicators such as accent, tone, gesticulation, laughing, mannerisms, and other characteristics that are not transportable through writing.

Similarly, the discussion continues when you watch yourself on camera. Because you’re not used to seeing yourself from the outside, your brain will offer you every critique in the book to excuse your discomfort.

However, there is some good news: Your brain’s only goal is to keep you safe from what it believes to be the “unknown.” Within seconds, certain deeply ingrained survival and self-defense reflexes are triggered, and before you can even begin to think about it, your brain begins to focus on the dread you’re experiencing, attempting to label it for you. Self-criticism is a common type of it.

Allowing yourself to feel uncomfortable and channeling the adrenaline that is building in your body into becoming a little more expressive in your “performance” instead is a simple answer. Remember that most performers, public lecturers, and presenters — even the most renowned ones — experience the same nervousness before the curtain rises and they are thrust into the limelight. It’s a natural sensation that may be really beneficial if you understand where it comes from and how to control it.

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